Ride Tracker Project

This was a project website I made while I was learning the power of PHP and I have created many cool features within the website. I also made a beautiful unique design which is also mobile friendly. I used yellow and black as colors with a Hemi Head font to give the site a motorsports style look to it. The header is a slider that fits to the page and makes a bold statement about the website. The slideshow banner allows clients to recieve announcements and the logo is at the top of the page which I centered and made the section have a yellow background to draw the eyes toward the logo and single it out. Below is the navigation bar which allows the user to navigate his way around the pages. The site has a working login system and shop page with fake products just as an example of what can be done. The shop page is coded to change the page content based on users selection of different categories. Due to lack of time I didn't finish all functionality but I did make all the features needed for the project and did a little extra to it as well.

The idea of the project

The concept behind this project was to allow the user to create an account and sync the information of his car onto the website allowing the website to track his car and recommend products and services based on his cars statistics. I started working on the dashboard where the user would see his cars information and this would be the page that he can browse relevent products.

Web Design
Logo Design
Color Management