Scan My Car Project

This app will allow the user to take a picture of any car and retrieve information on the vehicle through vehicle recognition and it will match it to the car in a large database. Once you scan the car you will be able to obtain information about the car including the price, make, model, top speed, acceleration, horsepower, and mpg. I have displayed the information through a line graph. There are two interactive buttons on the app which allow you to add the car to your favorites list which saves on the app or it allows you to purchase the vehicle from a website like I have chosen a color scheme of yellow, blue, and white with a special font called PhrasticMedium to give it a modern look. I also used a background pic of a tech grid and did some yellow shadowing at the top left of the car which brings out the color scheme. The actual information and picture of the car will slide in from the right in the app to give it a slick feel.

I organized the screen in a way that the user would see what they need to instantly. According to studies people read content on the web in an F shape so I made the information layout flow like that and the last place the eyes should look is the bottom buttons. The users should use this app to retrieve information on a specific vehicle no matter what type of vehicle it is instantaneously throughout the app by taking a picture. The user can then make a list of their favorite cars in the app and make purchases through the app. The app will change slightly as the information for each car is different and there will be a picture of each unique car pulled from a database.

UI Design
Color Management